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About Us

 Bringing the Community Together Every 3.1 Miles

You know that phone call? The one where you find out a loved one has cancer? Or has been in a devastating accident? Your heart breaks, and you want to help, but how? Medical bills, funeral services, surviving family members’ needs, kid’s college funds, paying a mortgage. You don’t have the money to help.

Rabeka Harrison was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. A childhood friend of hers had a wife who was diagnosed with cancer. To top it off, she was the breadwinner and could no longer work. Rabeka wanted to help. So, she hosted a 5k fun run for all the friends and family. Now, this is nothing new. 5k fun runs have been held many times before. But what Rabeka did was take it to the next level. In her first event she was able to raise over $13,000 for her friend and his family. Rabeka then had an idea. What if she could do this for other families in need?

Enter Together As {3Point} One. We set up 5k events with vendors, food (fun runs, with no timing, bibs, results and such) to help families who have been affected by tragedies raise money for medical bills, college education, etc. We also help charities to raise needed funds to sustain their organizations. Giving back to the community is a passion of ours. We believe with all our heart and sole (pun intended) that we are called to help people out, not only with raising money in times of desperate need but bringing grieving families /friends/ loved ones in a fun atmosphere of a 5k. And in the process help to promote running, health and fitness. We love what we do.

When asked what her vision is for Together as {3Point} One, Rabeka said, “I want to change how people fundraise. I want to bring back the sense of a community that supports each other, not just in our own backyard but on a global scale.”
If you want to help Together As {3Point} One's vision, you can like our page on Facebook, register for an event, volunteer or become a sponsor.