Fundraising of all kinds

Fundraisers for charities, schools and families to bring communities together.

Event Directory

Our mission is three-fold.

First, to provide an option for families to raise funds to help support in times of tragedy.

Second, to fill a need for schools and smaller charities to fundraise.

Third, to provide the best possible service while creating a fun, unique, and memorable event for the community.

How We Care

We set up 5k events with a fun autmoshphere to help families who have been affected by tragedies raise money for medical bills, college education, etc. We also support non profits to raise needed funds to sustain their organizations. Giving back to the community is a passion of ours.

What We Do

We fill the gap between large charities and small charities where fundraising opportunities are not readily available. We also support families and schools that don’t traditionally have fundraising opportunities.

We host dynamic 5k / 10k running events that organizations can bid to participate in and come together in support one another while building up our commuities.

Who we Serve

Families in Need – Allow family members to come together to support in times of need, to give them help financially, and to allow the community to join in.

Schools – Provide a fundraising, promote health and exercise, and to bring community support to local schools.

Charities – Create sustainable fundraising, create community awareness and promote health and exercise.

How we Think About Costs

Our clients get a competitively priced service for their events. We are a company who cares about bringing the community together with each event. We have several different cost effective options for your individual organization’s needs. Please email us at to discuss your objectives. 

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